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OMA Environmental Grant Application
OMA Volunteer Award Application
OMA Staff Award Application

OMA Environmental Grants:


The 2018 OMA Environmental Grants Forms

Environmental grants are available to member camps and churches. Grant
applications must explain clearly the environmental impact the proposed project will have upon the camp (or church), and the educational applications of the project. Organizations requesting an environmental grant must supply matching funds. The maximum grant is $500/year for two years. Nominations and grant applications received by the February deadline will be considered for both the 2018 and 2019 awards. Applications for 2018 must be submitted by Feb. 1st. For more information please read the 2018 Environmental Grant Funding Guildlines.



OMA Staff and Volunteer Awards:

The 2018 OMA Staff and Volunteer Award Forms

Member Camps are encouraged to nominate a camp volunteer and/or a camp staff person for the OMA Volunteer Award or OMA Staff Award. Nominations must be mailed submitted by Feb. 1st. A recipient of the staff or volunteer award must have at least ten years of employment or volunteer history with his or her nominating camp.